Survivor 44: Are Matt and Frannie still together after the show?

Survivor 44

Of course, there are a lot of questions to wonder following Matt’s elimination on Survivor 44 — but are he and Frannie together? It’s honestly not that often we are this invested in a showmance after the fact!

Yet, we think a lot of it has to do with how natural and organic it feels. Typically, there is a certain archetype of people who get into romantic relationships on reality shows, and neither one of them quite fit into that. They’re both dorky and a little silly — yet, it was clear during the season that they really cared about each other. They didn’t want to jeopardize their game by getting too close and yet, it’s hard! You want to spend time with the people you like, especially in a game that is this stressful.

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So where do things stand now? Speaking to Parade, Matt Blankinship had the following to say about the status of his relationship with Frannie:

Oh yeah, the Frankinship is riding the wind! We are sailing full speed. We’re still dating. We’re still together. We’ve done the Ethiopian food, we’ve got road trips coming up. We’re going strong.

It is funny, but Survivor has a pretty solid record of romances even without it being a key part of the game. Rob and Amber are obviously the most famous duo to come out of the franchise, but there have been others that have come about over time — and occasionally, romances between people from different seasons. While there are some reasons why you would think a romance would NOT happen out there (the heat, the smell), you also have to remember that you’re often desperate for someone to rely on and trust. Also, it may be a bit easier for feelings to bloom in an environment that is not so forceful about romance like The Bachelor.

With Matt now (regrettably) off on the jury, we’ll now have to see if Frannie can be the person to take home the grand prize.

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