The Boys season 4: Could Jensen Ackles actually return?

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Is there any chance at all that we could see Jensen Ackles back as Soldier Boy over the course of The Boys season 4? Well, there are a few different reasons to be thinking about this right now.

First and foremost, remember that the Prime Video series has already wrapped up production — that part of the equation is done. Filming took place for several months and within that time, you can argue that in theory, there was an opportunity for a super-secret Soldier Boy cameo. Ackles’ work on Big Sky has been done for a long time, and the future for that show definitely remains unclear.

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Remember this: Eric Kripke and the whole production team clearly want us wondering about his fate. There is a reason why Soldier Boy was not killed off. Also, with it being revealed that he is Homelander’s father, there’s always going to be an emotional reason to bring him back into the fold. The real question is whether or not they have a great reason to do that story-wise.

Of course, there could be a reason to bring Jensen back in season 4 to do so some sort of flashback, a cameo, or something else given that this show does offer up a lot of supplemental material — even within the context of the story — to show the history of Vought and Soldier Boy is a huge part of that. Who symbolizes Vought better than Soldier Boy? He is really the first superstar hero they had!

Also, remember this

Ackles has some sort of cameo in the upcoming spin-off Gen V. So long as we continue to see him across various aspects of the show universe, we have to think that another appearance is possible on The Boys. It’s certainly a fun idea to think about.

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This article was written by Jessica BunBun. 

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