Survivor 44 episode 8 promo: How will Frannie move forward?

Survivor 44As we get prepared for Survivor 44 episode 8 on CBS next week, many of the big questions are about Frannie and understandably so.

After all, a good chunk of her story arc this season has revolved around the relationship that she’d formed with Matt out on the beach. It seems like this is something that could very well extend to life outside of the show, but that can’t be her focus now. She has to find a way instead to get some element of revenge — but also not maker herself too big of a target in the process.

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The first thing that Frannie should try to do is get behind some other targets. A good one here could be Danny, who is going to be out to remove a one-time Ratu tribe member from the game. That makes a good bit of sense given that there are a number of them left, but they’ll need some other numbers. Take Carson, Carolyn, and Yam Yam, who are sitting very much in the middle at the moment. (Is Carson even going to be able to keep going? He looks sick!)

One of the things that we do like about Frannie as a player — and why she could end up being okay — is that she seems affable, and knows the balance of being a smart player without coming across as too smart. Without Matt, she could be seen as a free agent, and we also know that she can excel in certain challenges. She still has a great shot at winning!

Crazy as it may seem, it may also be better off for her to not have Matt around the rest of the way. The two together were a huge target, and if they made moves together, it’d be harder for her to take sole credit for them. That’s not a problem now.

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What do you think that Frannie can do to help out her game moving into Survivor 44 episode 8 on CBS?

Be sure to let us know some of your thoughts and hopes below! Once you do just that, remember to also keep coming back for more.

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