Survivor 44 episode 7: Matt Blankinship voted out

Survivor 44

From the moment that we got a big twist on Survivor 44 episode 7, there was one thought that we had: Matt was screwed. He found himself in a losing five-person “tribe” with Brandon, Jaime, Yam Yam, and Lauren, and that posed a lot of problems.

If this was a normal vote, it’d be pretty clear that Matt had an almost 0% chance to stay under these circumstances. Why would anyone be altogether interested in keeping him? There is just no real reason to do that if you are Brandon, Lauren, and Jaime, all from the original Ratu. He was a huge threat based largely on his social game, let alone he and Frannie being such a strong duo.

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Add to all of this now the Control a Vote Advantage, which threw another big-time curveball into the mix. Heidi found it and could use it to upset the balance of power among those voting. If she controlled Jaime’s vote and got her to vote Lauren, and then Yam Yam / Matt also voted Lauren, they’d have a chance! However, Lauren could also play her extra vote, which makes things even trickier.

This episode was drunk — or, the producers may have been when they put all of this together.

So what actually happened?

Heidi decided to control Lauren’s vote, and then have the vote then be for Yam Yam. Yet, it didn’t matter in the end as Matt was the person voted out of the game.

It’s the right move for most of the people involved, except for maybe Heidi — it’s a terrible move for Heidi. She made it clear even further that she wanted to save Matt, and that could Yam Yam even further to some of the people over at Soka. We understand this fully for the Ratu people, who decided to get out who was the biggest threat out there in the group.

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