Survivor 44 episode 7: What is the Control a Vote Advantage?

Survivor 44

Tonight’s Survivor 44 episode 7 delivered a lot of big moments, but also of course twists. Isn’t this what Jeff Probst loves? Enter the Control a Vote Advantage, which could prove to be really interesting.

Well, there is a lot that we have to discuss at the moment, starting with the fact that for some reason, we had two mini-tribes rather than a full one. Thanks to Frannie’s mad endurance abilities, she was able to keep her group safe — including Carolyn, Danny, Kane, Heidi, and then also Carson.

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However, there was another twist that came into the game: That aforementioned advantage. Heidi found it when she pulled the right key from the wilderness, and this allowed her to control how one other person voted at Tribal Council. She will tell them who to vote for and then from there, they would have to do. This could be a way to shake things up a little bit — depending, of course, on how things played out from start to finish.

For Heidi, this was a fascinating choice given that there were three Ratu players who were involved in voting — Lauren, Brandon, and then Jaime. If she could take away one of those and then Yam Yam and Matt voted together for a Ratu, then maybe a Ratu person could be voted out. Yet, how do you ensure that happen? There are just so many moving parts here! This may have made for captivating television, but it does plunge the show further into this era where viewers are relying on twists to be entertained as opposed to people. That’s dangerous.

What did Heidi do?

She took Lauren’s vote, but that didn’t exactly do anything — Matt was still voted out, and that was the inevitable ending unless something else crazy happened. Should Frannie have thrown that challenge? That was the real question we had…

What did you think about the Control a Vote advantage on Survivor 44 episode 7?

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