Succession season 4: Will Connor Roy actually be President?

Succession season 4

As we get prepared for Succession season 4 episode 4 this coming weekend, Connor Roy will be a married man. Could he also become the future President of the United States?

On paper, it may be rather easy to look at this idea and laugh. This is a man desperate to just have that 1%, and he has yet to show any real competency when it comes to several key issues. However, he’s also pretty blunt and doesn’t do a lot of double-dealings; he is certainly the most honest person within the Roy family. Sure, he’s delusional, but that feels mostly like a crutch to disguise some of his pain.

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Despite all of his delusions, there is a pretty interesting point for us to actively question at the moment: Could Connor actually get a sympathy bump on the back of losing his father? His campaign would not be the first to cash in on a tragedy, especially if most of the public knew the truth about Logan’s treatment of him. All of it could cast Con in a pretty sympathetic light.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Alan Ruck was (of course) pretty coy on whether or not any of this could be of use for Connor’s POTUS run:

Well, I mean, unless you’re accused of murder, no publicity is bad publicity. I think that might help Connor, but I can’t tell you anything.

Our sentiment is that, without a doubt, Connor is going to get more attention … but will he actually know how to handle it? Will he blow most of his campaign money on terrible ads? There are so many ways that all of this could go haywire, and the implications of what he does are actually pretty huge now that his family will be mired in such a mess following the death of Logan.

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Do you think there is any chance that Connor ends up being President on Succession season 4?

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This article was written by Jessica BunBun.

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