Succession season 4 episode 4: Sarah Snook on Shiv, Tom’s future

Succession season 4

As we prepare to see Succession season 4 episode 4 on HBO this weekend, the entire story is going to evolve. It has to! Just think about what we just saw?

We tend to think that at this point, we can put most of the story into pretty blunt terms — Logan Roy is dead, and nobody knows just what’s going to happen when it comes to Waystar Royco now. Tom in particular is in a really different spot. His biggest advantage was his proximity to Logan and that’s gone. Meanwhile, he showed that he cares for Shiv in comforting her once he got off the plane in episode 3, but does that mean they will actually end up together? Going into what we just saw, it felt more like divorce was imminent.

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In speaking on the subject of the future in a new interview with Rolling Stone, Sarah Snook made it rather unclear that there are still question marks aplenty here:

…Her difficulty is, she loves Tom, but doesn’t know how to. She doesn’t know how to do a relationship that isn’t transactional, doesn’t know how to be vulnerable in a relationship that fosters community. She’s got such bad blueprints, and so many walls and defenses, and difficulty just being her true self in front of people. And maybe that’s what this [past] episode is about: that real little-girl aspect of Shiv, that we just don’t get to see much of, where she’s this vulnerable. Her feelings for Tom over this season definitely evolve, and in some ways become harder and sharper.

All of this certainly makes it seem like we’re going to see a lot of these two characters coming up as they each tackle a very important question: What is this relationship going to look like the rest of the way? It is clear that there are some feelings still there, but they each also have some other ambitions. That is not something that you can just sit back and ignore, and we will have to see how it plays out over the next seven episodes.

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What do you think we are going to see happen with Shiv and Tom on Succession season 4 the rest of the way?

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