Succession season 4 episode 4: Will Connor & Willa stay together?

Succession season 4

Following the big wedding on this past weekend, are you going to see Connor and Willa stay together moving into Succession season 4 the rest of the way?

It may sound odd, but there is an easy case to make at this point that these two could end up outlasting any other relationship on this show. You can question how much true, romantic love is there, but it is clear that there is a form of love. Willa does care about him, even if money is a motivating factor in their relationship. Meanwhile, he recognizes that in her, there is a benefit for his Presidential campaign. Also, she offers him a level of companionship that he doesn’t have anywhere else.

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It is for the reasons above that Connor makes the decision to marry his fiancée, even know that his father Logan died earlier in the day. Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Alan Ruck outlines it a little bit further:

He tells Willa: “I’m afraid you’re going to walk and you won’t come back.” The funny thing about Connor is he knows his siblings aren’t capable of treating him the way he wants to be treated. But he always comes back to them, because he doesn’t have any friends. At the end of season three, he says, “I’m the oldest. I’m the eldest!” Nobody congratulated him on getting engaged. In episode two [of this season], he says, “I’m a plant that lives on rocks! It’s okay to live without love! You learn that you don’t need it.” But he always comes back to them. He has no friends, and he actually loves them. But if he ever lost Willa? He would never recover from that.

One of the big goals for Connor moving forward could be trying to maintain this relationship, given that he is somewhat detached from things going on around the company. He will still have a say in the future of Waystar Royco, but how much remains to be seen. Does he really want to be mixed up in all of the chaos at this point?

All we know is that Connor is one of our favorite characters within this show to watch, and we’re looking forward to seeing what’s next for him.

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Where do you think that things are going to go with Connor’s wedding moving into Succession season 4 episode 4?

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This article was written by Jessica BunBun.

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