Magnum PI season 5 episode 20: The finale cliffhanger debate

Magnum PI season 5If you have not heard the latest Magnum PI season 5 news from behind the scenes, the NBC drama is currently filming episode 20. In other words, this is the finale! It’s the chance to cap off an excellent season with a story that is probably going to be action-packed and emotional, and of course there is a ton to be excited about there.

Now that we’ve spelled that out, let’s also get into the other big question for a moment: How shocked are we all going to be when this story actually airs?

If you are the writers and producers for this show, we imagine that there was an interesting debate as to how much of a cliffhanger to give — or, if you want to give one at all. The last thing anyone wants is for the show to end in a way where you’ve got no real answers. There is a good chance that episode 10 (the midseason finale) ends in a cliffhanger, mostly because the writers knew that they’d have another ten episodes to work with. This is different.

Are we hopeful that there will be a season 6? You know that we are if you’ve been a regular reader, but nothing in the world of TV is ever guaranteed and there are a lot of things that NBC could consider.

Is there a best-case scenario?

From our standpoint, the end of season 4 was a pretty-perfect ending. It gave you something that most of us have been waiting ages to see in Magnum and Higgins being together. However, at the same time it left us with a lot of questions as to what that relationship could look like. It was satisfying and tied up the will-they-or-won’t-they story, but it still generated excitement.

If we can get something similar in this vein at the end of season 5, we’ll have a chance to feel satisfied — that way, we can imagine characters happy no matter what, and not spend all our time worried that someone is going to die, get arrested, or be gone from Hawaii. (Note: We’re not speculating as to what’s actually going to happen in the finale — these are just the sort of cliffhangers you get from a lot of shows.)

Odds are, the second half of Magnum PI season 5 will air on NBC this fall.

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Do you think that there is going to be a big cliffhanger at the end of Magnum PI season 5 episode 20?

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