1923 season 2: Helen Mirren teases Paramount+ show’s future

1923 season 1We all know that there is a 1923 season 2 coming to Paramount+ down the road, and that leaves us in a place where we are eager for one thing above all others: Answers. When are we going to get them?

Hilariously, there’s also another question that we could all be thinking about at this point: When is the cast themselves going to get them? We’re not even sure that everything is 100% solidified when it comes to that as of right now…

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One of the things that makes working on a Taylor Sheridan show different is that he often doesn’t write the scripts super-far in advance. Helen Mirren was cast before she could read anything! If there are stories for season 2 written, not everyone behind the scenes may be aware of them as of yet.

Speaking in a recent interview with CBS, Mirren didn’t have a lot to say about season 2 yet — which makes sense, given that filming may not even be underway for a handful of months. However, she did joke that Spencer Dutton needs to return home soon since she is running out of letters. Cara and Jacob Dutton have their work cut out for them trying to preserve the ranch at the moment, and we do personally think that everything out there is going to become worse long before it gets better. That is really a symptom of the fact that there is a Great Depression, disease, and a lot of other issues on the way.

When will see the show return to Paramount+?

Odds are, either in late 2023 or early 2024, but it may be a certain stretch of time before anything is confirmed. If we’re lucky, there are going to be some other updates announced on the subject over the course of the next several months, especially once filming gets started back up.

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What do you most want to see from Helen Mirren and Harrison Ford as we approach 1923 season 2?

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