Power Book II: Ghost season 3 episode 4: Is Whitman dead?

Power Book II: Ghost season 3If there’s one big thing that we learned from Power Book II: Ghost season 3 episode 4, it’s that the show wasted no time wiping out Whitman.

The detective was a major part of the show for most of last season, and what we learned in the process of that was pretty darn simple: This is a dude who is relentless. He also has no problem breaking the rules here and there, and that is precisely what happened tonight … and what led to his demise.

This was, fundamentally, a rather simple plan: Use Diana as bait to lure Whitman over to Monet’s house, seemingly when her parents were not around. While there, Monet killed him and then staged it to look like self-defense. Diana thought in advance he was only going to be arrested, so that’s the one wrench that was thrown into the game here.

Whitman was never going to be the Big Bad that anyone cared about all that much, so that’s why it’s a-okay that he’s gone right now. Also, it does give the writers another piece of storytelling to work with when it comes to Monet. Is she really going to be able to keep everyone off the scent of what happened?

The larger threat

At the moment, it is the RICO investigation involving Jenny and Blanca, given that the two are working a lot of angles and amplifying the stakes. Saxe is being used as a CI from within Davis’ office, whereas Blanca’s got her own guy undercover elsewhere. While they don’t have enough to put Tariq away for good as of yet, you better believe they are inching closer to it — Whitman’s just not going to be a possibility for them moving forward.

Granted, we’re sure that some other cop will come out of the woodwork soon enough. In this world, they almost always do.

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