SWAT season 6: What is the name of Hondo, Nichelle’s baby?

SWAT season 6

Tonight on SWAT season 6, we had a chance to get an answer to a very important question: The name of Hondo and Nichelle’s baby. After all, she gave birth in the closing minutes!

We know that things were a little touch-and-go for Nichelle over the course of the episode but in the end, she managed to pull through and with that, a baby girl has entered the world! (We tend to believe that Shemar Moore saying “baby girl,” albeit in a different context, was a subtle nod to all of the Criminal Minds fans out there.)

Now, let’s get to the name: Vivian Carmichael Harrelson. Isn’t that perfect? To go along with knowing the name, there was also something so endearing about seeing Hondo realize more and more how much he was living a life now that he didn’t know was possible. For so many years, his sole focus was law enforcement. Before that, it was serving in the military. Family was not something that he opened himself up to for a long period of time.

So now that the baby is born, what other stories are there out there to tell? Well, in a word tons. We think that there are going to be some opportunities moving forward to learn a little bit more about how these two adjust to being parents, while also having a lot else going on in their lives.

The SWAT family will be there

In the closing minutes of the episode, it certainly sounded like a lot of the family is going to be heading over in order to lend their support. That’s the great thing for Vivian — she’s going to have a lot of people looking after her for many years.

If you were going into this episode hoping to get some warm, fuzzy moments, we think the ending helps to fulfill that and then some.

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