Big Brother Canada 11 spoilers: Who won HoH? Whodunnit clues

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Who won Head of Household this week in Big Brother Canada 11? We knew that with this being Whodunnit week, we’d get a great mystery on our hands.

Honestly, we’re also surprised that we even got a Digital Daily launch today. Maybe we’ve just set the bar so low with how few of feeds we’ve gotten as of late, but we’re just glad to have something more to dive into here.

So what can we say? Well, because everything is being done in secret this time around, it’s honestly hard to feel super-good about any one person having power. You can argue that Santina is unusually happy, but that may be because she’s not on the block anymore and doesn’t have to deal with a lot of Zach’s drama at this point. Or, you can argue that the people who are being focused on less on the Dailies (like Dan) could actually have it. Hope isn’t eligible, and that is tied to the punishment from this past week for him breaking the rules. We do wonder if his inability to vote carries over to this week, given that there was technically no vote last time.

The funniest outcome at the moment would be Renee — wouldn’t it be great if she won after being so bad in challenges earlier in the season?

Our lead suspect at the moment

It’s Jonathan. Based on the way that he’s behaving around Hope right now, he seems to be giving off vibes that he has it and Hope is okay without 100% saying that he has it. Him winning would be a particularly bad outcome for Ty, who decided to stay in the house rather than self-evict alongside Zach. That was a rare moment of self-awareness for Ty — this is a silly reality show and ultimately, it’s not that serious that you need to stand on some pedestal of principle.

Anyhow, we will see more of what happens over the upcoming days as nominations are in fact anonymous — we’re sure we will get more info on Tuesday’s episode, but that’s a really long wait at the end of the day!

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Who do you think could be Head of Household within the Big Brother Canada 11 house today?

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