Alaska Daily season 1 finale: Was there a big cliffhanger?

Alaska Daily season 1

Did anyone else feel that, close to the end of the Alaska Daily season 1 finale, that things were going a little bit too smoothly? At the end of the episode, Eileen managed to get much of what she wanted and with that, had a chance to sit down, have a drink, and celebrate her victory.

One of the big questions that we were curious about near the end was whether or not Eileen was going to stay in Alaska and as it turns out, she is! She’s not going anywhere and because of that, she will have a chance to continue her work. Is there a rival publication on the was in the Anchorage Eagle? Well sure, but is there really going to be a way for two separate papers to survive in a state with a smaller publication? Papers aren’t always killing it in the big city these days!

The bigger thing we were curious about here was simply whether or not there was going to be a big cliffhanger. We saw the Northern Lights, a hope for a brighter tomorrow, and that was it? Really, that was it. We didn’t have someone almost die or another huge twist that could completely alter the show. Sure, a rival paper could be a problem, but in general, it could have been so much crazier.

If there is a word that we would personally use to describe this finale, it would honestly be along the lines of “responsible.” This really represented a show knowing that it may not get a season 2 and because of that, they wanted to ensure that viewers had a fitting end. There is something quite nice about that when the dust settles, no?

No matter what happens, Alaska Daily gave you a meaningful journey — and also shed a light on some important issues that people in the Lower 48 may not spend enough time thinking about.

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