Big Brother Canada 11: Did Hope break the rules, ‘cheat’?

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Tonight on Big Brother Canada, we knew that there was going to be all sorts of drama tied to Hope. Did he break the rules of the game?

Even from the start of the episode tonight, Arisa Cox noted that this was a very different sort of installment. The odds of an eviction were still unclear. Instead, the questions revolved around whether or not Hope broke the rules tied to him having a letter from the outside world — and if he did, what that would mean.

Also, how in the world did Hope even have a letter anyway? There were so many questions that we had entering the episode, especially since there would be heated reactions to both Ty and Zach also. This was considered by some to be a dirty move, mostly because it was trying to use someone else’s actions for their own benefit. There was also the allegation that Ty “threatened” Hope for using the Veto.

The real frustrating part of this whole saga, at least to us, is that we only got to see so much of it. While we trust Arisa’s statement that they wanted to be transparent, this is only an hour-long show! That only leaves so much room to dive into some of this stuff. That’s a tough thing to accept.

So what was the letter?

Supposedly, it was from his girlfriend — but when was it written? That’s, of course, another big part of the equation. Apparently, Zach has known about it for a week — but also, it doesn’t appear to actually help him in the game. Given that Zach knew about it for so long, there were some shady things on his part here.

In answering one of our earlier questions, apparently Hope got the letter because it was tucked into one of his socks. He didn’t bring it to production right away and now, here we are.

Technically Hope did break the rules — and yet, we don’t think he comes off nearly as bad as some other people do in the aftermath.

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What did you think about Hope and the saga that played out over tonight’s Big Brother Canada 11?

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