1923 season 2 cast: Is anyone new coming on board?

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We don’t think it comes as much of a shock that there is already a lot of enthusiasm out there for 1923 season 2 to premiere on Paramount+. Unfortunately, we also still think we’re going to be waiting a long time for some more news about it.

If you haven’t seen some of our other recent reports on the subject, here is some of what we can say at the moment. There are more episodes coming down the road and based on all current estimations, filming could kick off this summer. In theory, this would allow the show to be back on the air at some point when we get around to the end of the calendar year.

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For the sake of this piece, though, let’s get more into the cast. We know that Harrison Ford, Helen Mirren, and a number of familiar faces are all slated to be back for more story — will they be joined by some new faces? Every season of a show tends to come with new players, and so it’s fair to imagine a couple of new characters working their way into the ensemble coming up.

With that being said, though, we don’t tend to think that there’s going to be a TON of new characters who work their way into the fold here. Instead, we do think the focus is going to remain on the ensemble we already have. Just remember the cliffhangers that are already present with this! You’ve got, for starters, a ranch that desperately needs to be saved. Meanwhile, there is also everything that is going on with Spencer as he needs to both find his way to Montana and also reunite with Alex.

If there are any new characters in 1923 coming up, we’re going to see them more as supplemental additions alongside everyone else. We tend to think the the main focus, understandably, is going to be the people we already know. We’ll get a chance to really dive into their stories more and understand what makes them tick … and the show should be better off for it.

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Do you think there are going to be any big additions to 1923 season 2?

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