‘The Amazing Race 22’ rankings: Can YouTube defeat Bates & Anthony?

The Amazing RaceHow much should you read into editing on “The Amazing Race”? Last season, the answer to that was “a lot,” when it felt around three or four weeks from the end that Josh & Brent were going to find a way to not only sneak their way into the final three teams, but also win the whole thing with their underdog story. This time around, we’re getting similar vibes from another team.

So this becomes the epic internal struggle of good and evil in creating this week’s “Amazing Race” rankings: do we go with history, or do we go with our gut? The final answer here may be a little bit of both, especially since this season has already clearly taught us that at the end of the day, anything can happen to send a strong team home.

5. Mona & Beth (last week: 5) – We don’t care that they’ve had a pretty decent run. It all comes down to screen time. Can you imagine “Amazing Race” fans running around and dancing over the victory of the roller derby moms? After all, we don’t know much about them save for that they are roller derby moms. We don’t want to insult either Mona or Beth since they both seem very nice, but this is either an example of the show casting two dull contestants based on a gimmick, or there is just so much more exciting / relevant stuff happening around them.

4. Caroline & Jennifer (2) – While the country singers have their little “romance” with the hockey guys and they’ve performed adequately in most everything, we once again go back to edit. There’s nothing in here that suggests that these two are going to be winners that people will be happy about.

3. Max & Katie (4) – This is the first of who we believe right now are three teams with an actual shot at winning the whole competition. There have been times when these two have done horribly, and their whole “villain” shtick really just seems to be a waste. However, they could be very dangerous if they were to ever get it completely together, and this alone really forces them to be the people worth watching out for.

2. Joey & Meghan (3) – We don’t know why, but there is something in our gut that says that Team YouTube has the “winners’ edit” this season. While Joey freaks out a lot and they’ve had squabbles, they have never been shown doing anything extremely unlikable. They have found a way to survive every leg (even under weird circumstances this past time), and they’ve also had the whole underdog edit with there being so many other teams in an alliance.

1. Bates & Anthony (1) – Our head ultimately defeats our gut this week at the top of the chart. These guys just seem on paper to be too strong to even consider anywhere other than first, especially with there being such a ho-hum competition around them. Here’s a crazy fact, and we’re not sure that this has ever happened on any other “Amazing Race” season: at this stage of the competition, these two are the only pair left that haven’t won a leg all season. That. Is. Insane.

Who do you think is the top “Amazing Race” contender right now? Be sure to vote in our poll below! Also, you can watch a preview for Sunday’s episode over at the link here.

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