1923 season 2 premiere: Will it get Paramount Network airing?

1923 season 1

As so many of you at this point are more than likely aware, you will be waiting for some time to see the eventual 1923 season 2 premiere on Paramount+. While the Harrison Ford – Helen Mirren series was already renewed for more episodes, production may not begin until the summer. It will take some time for executive producer Taylor Sheridan to produce the scripts, and even then there are schedules that need to be arranged.

(Remember at the moment that Ford has a lengthy press tour coming for the latest Indiana Jones movie, and that could push things back to a certain extent.)

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At present, signs point to season 2 coming out around the same time that we saw the first season launch — that means that for now, we’re looking at a start in either November or December. It could even come out during the second run of Yellowstone season 5 as a means to boost its viewership.

When we consider all of this, we then come to the next question: Will it get another Paramount Network airing. There is a certain precedent has been set here and yet, we consider this a toss-up. Why? Traditionally, Paramount+ has allowed the first episode or two for some of their shows to air on the network — we’ve seen this with Tulsa King and 1883 over the years, as well. However, the streamer did not allow Mayor of Kingstown season 2 to launch on the network, which may indicate further that the network airings are just a way to get a show off to a great start. At this point, 1923 already has an audience. Why siphon away from your streaming viewership?

Another variable is in the event Yellowstone doesn’t even air this year. If that, hopefully-unlikely scenario happens, we feel even more confident that 1923 does not launch on the network … provided it still comes out this year.

The most important thing to realize

1923 doesn’t need Yellowstone anymore, and nor does it need the Paramount Network. No matter what, it is going to be more than fine.

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Is there anything that you are most excited to see on 1923 season 2?

Do you think that we’re going to see it air in any form on the Paramount Network? Share now in the comments! Once you do just that, come back — there are more updates coming your way soon enough.

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