Magnum PI season 5 spoilers: Mahina, Cade to be in Part 2

Magnum PI season 5

Just in case you were wondering if the second half of Magnum PI season 5 was going to have some great TC stuff, have no fear! We continue to have reasons aplenty to be stoked about what the future holds for the NBC show across the board.

In the wake of a powerful episode on Sunday (and an incredibly performance), Stephen Hill confirmed to TV Guide this week that both Martin Martinez and Emily Alabi are going to be back later on this season as Cade and Mahina. As a matter of fact, he’s worked with both of them recently on-set! He went on to tease the following:

…What’s so cool about having them is [that] you start with this character, and it’s like you have a balloon, and then another character comes in that’s within your world, and then you get another balloon and another balloon. It’s like that movie, Up, with the old man who had so many balloons that his house lifted up.

You’re only as good as the relationships that you have with people, so their world within my world is growing. Emily’s even got some scenes that I’m not in because her world is growing; Martin’s got some scenes that I’m not in because his world is growing. Their characters are fully forming, and it only makes their interaction with me even stronger, so I love that their characters are evolving.

Of course, none of this comes as a shock, as the show has always done a good job of making this into a living, breathing world where people interact in some different ways. It makes sense, for example, that Cade or Mahina would have their own moments with other people in the Ohana — they are naturally going to be around! It adds to the atmosphere and the environment.

Remember that there’s also a few more episodes coming before we get to the long hiatus; there is no confirmed return date as of yet for part 2 of the season, but we are expecting it to come back (fingers crossed) in the fall.

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