Ted Lasso season 3 episode 3: Who is Dr. Jacob Bryanson?

Ted Lasso season 3

We anticipated a few things to surprise us about Ted Lasso season 3 episode 3, but we did not see the twist coming with Dr. Jacob Bryanson.

So what happened here? Well, it turns out that the person Michelle is seeing is someone Ted already knows — someone with the “Dr.” before his name.

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While the show didn’t give a lot away here, the insistence on the “Dr.” part made it seem at first like this is some sort of family doctor or person that the family has known for a good while. When he first answered the phone, he did so with a Donald Trump impression — thinking it was a joke to mess around with telemarketers. Yet, it was Ted, who ended up leaving his cell phone at home.

As we later found out, Dr. Bryanson is actually the therapist who was supposed to be getting Ted and Michelle back together, which does lead to a lot of different questions. How ethical is that? Well, it’s hard to say without knowing that much of the story here. It feels like a strange choice for the show to go in this direction; we almost prefer that Michelle’s new beau was someone random.

Anyway, in the aftermath of what happened with the first reveal, Ted nearly had a panic attack right before a big football match. This was something that he was clearly struggling with, but it does create this bizarre subtext that could course through the rest of the season.

Speaking of bizarre stories…

AFC Richmond is winning! Yet, are they winning the right way? Well, thanks to Zava, that is very much possible — but at what cost? Things are going to be good with him until ultimately, they aren’t.

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