Ted Lasso season 3: Is it final season? Chatter continues

Ted Lasso season 3Is Ted Lasso season 3 the final season over at Apple TV+? There is absolutely a lot of conversation out there about that right now. It’s something that we wish there was a clear answer to at this point, but there are some reasons to what we’re seeing.

A lot of it, in the end, likely comes down to the fact that the streaming service does not want for this to be the final season of the show. They’re most likely hoping that some avenue comes around where they can keep things going, whether it be a spin-off or some modified version of the story. We’ve heard time and time again that this season is going to be the end of the arc as we’ve presently known it, and we don’t think that we’re going to see the show back off of that.

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Speaking in a new interview with the UK version of GQ, we’ve heard from the man behind Trent Crimm (formerly of the Independent) in James Lance. What does he have to say? Well, he’s really just about keeping things in perspective at the moment:

Well, there’s a lot of talk about that. First of all, I don’t think it’s been explicitly 100% decided. We’re not even at the end of season three. I’m of the opinion that if this is the end of the show, then aren’t we all lucky? Would I like there to be more? I guess I would.

Trent could actually be an interesting character to keep around long-term here, mostly because we’re looking at this once-bitter and hard-hitting journalist trying to find his own way in the world now. He seems to have been impacted by Ted’s aura in a way that many of the players have, and it will be interesting to see where things go down the road.

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Do you think that Ted Lasso season 3 is ever going to be announced as the final season?

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