Big Brother Canada 11 interview: Roberto Lopez on hard campaign

Big Brother Canada season 11 logoWe saw the end of Robert Lopez on Big Brother Canada 11 last night and at this point, it’s still easy to feel bummed-out about it. This was a guy who was clearly there to play until the very end, and he did everything he could to rally votes. The biggest problem? He just couldn’t get more than four after a really long campaign.

So where did things go wrong for him, both before and after going on the block? We were happy to talk with him all about it in our latest exit interview today.

Matt & Jess TV – I will give you a lot of credit here; you did fight really hard to stay.

Roberto – Up until eviction, I really thought I had a chance at staying. Prior to eviction, even five minutes before I was pulling people into the library and saying my pitches and saying my goodbyes. But, also saying ‘you guys have a tough decision to make, and I hope you choose the right way.’

When did you think you would end up in danger this past week? Was there any point after HoH where you realized it could be you?

To be honest, when Dan won HoH I thought that I might be a target. So I approached him, and I was like ‘am I a target to you? Do I have something to worry about?’ … he was like ‘no, you’re safe in my eyes.’ He gave me his word. That means a lot to me, inside and outside the game.

I didn’t think that I was a target of his, and I think that if he wasn’t influenced by Ty or Zach, the idea would have been to get Vanessa out of the house based on the unsureness they were having about her game.

Was your eviction simply a matter of the wrong HoH at the wrong time?

No, I don’t think it was. I think it was a matter of them having an opportunity, and not knowing if they’d have that opportunity again in the near future. Also, I think I was pretty close on both occasions to winning HoHs, and they knew that I was going to be a threat with comps in the future. They saw how well I was doing and they took me out.

Did you ever have a moment in one of these competitions where you just wanted go ‘oh, my leg’ and fall over during them, just to make yourself less of a threat?

Quite the opposite. I’ve been an athlete my whole life. You’re right that I wanted to stop, especially during the sliding – ‘Step Right Up’ HoH, but I had a brief moment of realizing why I was there and who I wanted to represent and make me proud.

You did get four votes, and that is a lot in an era where people are afraid to stick their necks out. Why couldn’t you get more votes in the end? Who are you looking at now and being like ‘why did you do this?’

I think that has to fall on Kuzie, Daniel C., and Anika. The four votes I got showed the loyalty and the character of those who stuck by me and saw what was going on in the house. The ones who didn’t vote my way showed that they didn’t want to go against the grain just yet. Maybe it was out of fear, or maybe they are making the best choice for their game. They didn’t want to go against the three-headed beast of Zach, Dan S., and Ty.

Is there anything that you wish you had said in your campaign but didn’t? You were clear with your target, so I don’t know quite what else you could have done.

I [would speak to people] and without saying names, I wanted people to agree and recognize who I was talking about and have them realize that there was a threat haunting the HoH room, week after week. It’s a win-win! If you keep me there, I’m a target and I can compete.

If the other side of the house won HoH, I don’t know if those three people who didn’t vote for me would be targets going forward. I assured them that if I won, I wouldn’t even look their way. I guess that wasn’t enough for them. It definitely wasn’t a campaign against Renee, that was the most unfortunate thing. The track record just showed that I probably had more social connections and was doing better in competitions.

We talk a lot about showmances in the game, but you clearly had some bromances, especially with Hope.

I had a couple of big bromances. Hope and I have a special bond and he knows that, inside and outside the house. He’s a genuine person and a young guy — he didn’t tell us his real age for a long time. He’s still learning about himself and his purpose. Another was with Jonathan, and I think everyone saw how special our friendship was within the house.

Who do you think is one of the most underrated players in the house right now? Who should we be watching out for who is sneakily playing a good game?

Queen Kuzie is going to go under the radar for quite some time. I think she’s going to make some big moves. She’s playing this game really strategically. She has pull with Ty, and she has pull with the rest of the house. However, she can jump on the girls’ alliance if she needs to. She’s not a target for anyone right now and could go really far.

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