Is Your Honor new this week on Showtime? Season 3 hopes

Your Honor season 2Is Your Honor new this week on Showtime? We don’t think it would come as any real surprise to know that people are clamoring for more. Last week’s new episode concluded with Bryan Cranston’s character of Michael going back to prison, as well as getting closure for at least some of the supporting characters.

Well, here is where we do have to barge in with some of the unfortunate news, even if it gives us no real joy to report it. There is no new episode of Your Honor this weekend and beyond just that, there may not be another one period. Last week’s installment served as the season 2 finale; doesn’t it feel odd to anyone else how under-the-radar it felt?

Think about this for a moment: There was barely anything out there when it comes to a postmortem of the finale and now, we’re in this super-strange spot where the show is in limbo. It is true that Cranston said months ago that season 2 was going to be the final one; however, since that time we’ve barely heard a single thing said. Showtime never confirmed that last week’s episode was the series finale, and we think they are subtly leaving the door open for more.

Here is, at least for now, what we think is going to be happening with Your Honor moving forward: Showtime won’t say all that much about the future of the show over the next couple of months. They will give the producers and/or Cranston a chance to mull over the future. If there is no other story to tell, it can just be claimed then that season 2 provides a good conclusion. Also, this means that the show doesn’t technically have to be “canceled.”

From a network point of view, we just think that Showtime will be willing to bring the show back whenever. Just remember for a moment that as they shift into being more under the Paramount+ umbrella, they want more familiar properties. Also, we tend to think they want big-name stars. This show provides both.

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Do you think we are going to get a Your Honor season 3 down the road at Showtime?

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