Survivor 44 episode 5 promo: Will Yam Yam recover?

Survivor 44

As we get ourselves prepared now for Survivor 44 episode 5 to premiere on CBS next week, it’s clear Yam Yam is in BIG trouble.

How can we even begin to describe some of the mistakes that he’s made in the game? There are several of them, and they each are disastrous in their own way. The first is the way in which he treated Carolyn at the Taki camp, making her feel constantly at the bottom and devaluing her in the game. His approach was wrong, and he used his personality too much as a cover for his messy gameplay. We do wonder if he had told Carolyn that himself or Sarah were going to be the decoy vote, if Sarah would still be in the game right now.

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Based on the promo we’ve seen for episode 5, Yam Yam and Josh are going to be getting into it now at camp. Josh doesn’t trust him, and the feeling certainly appears to be mutual. As reckless as Yam Yam was in episode 4, Josh wasn’t that much better. His lie about his job was needless, especially since he’d been more truthful about it elsewhere. Josh is there mostly on the strength of Carolyn’s gameplay, and clearly she is the one driving the ship now. For hilarity’s sake, it would actually be funny if she kept Yam Yam now instead of Josh … not that we think that is going to happen since she and Yam Yam clearly don’t get along.

If you are Yam Yam…

The biggest thing you honestly have to do at this point is just win immunity. We don’t foresee any other idol coming and he has to get to the merge. If that happens, the game resets. He’s a good potential shield someone could use, or a number to be picked up. Heck, at that point Carolyn could even need him! The next episode or two are going to be the most precarious for his entire game.

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Do you think that Yam Yam has any hope of making it past Survivor 44 episode 5?

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