Outlander season 7: The biggest challenge now entering season 8

Outlander season 7As we do get ourselves prepared for Outlander season 7 on Starz this summer, is it fair to say that almost everything has changed? We tend to think so.

Take, for starters, the oh-so-simple fact that the show has been renewed for a season 8 … but that is going to be the final season. For the bulk of the series’ run so far, there has always been that comfort in knowing that there is something more coming around the bend. That isn’t quite there anymore, and absolutely that is a far from easy thing to accept. After all, why wouldn’t we want to get a season for every book in the Diana Gabaldon series?

Through the first part of the upcoming season, we wouldn’t say that the shadow of the endgame is necessarily there. However, it is going to be more and more as time progresses. At this point, there is a certain degree of inevitability that goes along with that. The writers have likely known longer than anyone that season 8 could be the end, and they may end up planting seeds for that early.

Another factor to certainly consider here is the fact that the final season is only ten episodes, which means that the writers are going to have to work earlier on to plant some of the seeds that will be important at the end of the show. We think there will be a purposeful sense of writing as we see Jamie, Claire, and others move forward to what could be their eventual destiny.

What is that destiny? That’s the curious thing now. The Outlander writers could choose to end the show in a similar place to the eighth book in the series; or, they could jump ahead a little bit. Either way, they will want you to feel like the journey of the show has been significant in its own way. It’s always been a separate thing from the books. The last thing we expect is that there’s going to be an incomplete feeling to an eventual series finale, especially since the endgame has been out there for some time.

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