Yellowjackets season 2: Are spin-offs being considered already?

Yellowjackets season 2We know that we are only a few days away now from the Yellowjackets season 2 premiere — is it too early to talk spin-offs? Absolutely and yet, here we are to do just that.

There is a reason why this is happening, though, and it has to do a lot with the Paramount+ / Showtime regime becoming more consolidated. There is a real push now for more franchises in the wake of Yellowstone becoming so successful and with that in mind, there could be active discussions about expanding this world. That doesn’t mean that it’s going to happen right away, but these conversations could still be happening.

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Speaking in a new feature with The Hollywood Reporter, here is some of what executive producer Ashley Lyle had to say about opening up the future of this world:

We’re aware that it’s something they’re interested in, and we certainly aren’t closed off to the idea. It would have to make sense. We have a couple of ideas.

Ultimately, we don’t think that this is still something that is going to be coming about for at least a little while still. Remember that the flagship show already has a season 3 order, and we tend to think that this will be the focus for Lyle and the rest of the creative team, including fellow co-creator Bart Nickerson. It’s possible that after that, they could start to consider more off-shoots but even still, remember this: Yellowjackets has a plan to run for five seasons and that’s it. They could easily wait to wrap up this story before moving into something else later on down the road.

For the time being, we’re just excited for what the next chapter of the main show is going to bring.

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Do you think that it is way too early to be discussing spin-offs when it comes to Yellowjackets season 2?

Be sure to let us know right now in the attached comments! Once you do just that, remember to also come back for more as we await the premiere. (Photo: Showtime.)

This article was written by Jessica BunBun.

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