Tulsa King season 2 premiere date: The cliffhanger aftermath

Tulsa KingIs Tulsa King season 2 going to be one of the most anticipated releases on Paramount+ this calendar year? Well, let’s just say that the answer to this is rather complicated.

After all, there is one central component that you do have to consider at the moment: The fact that the show is not guaranteed to come back in 2023! Certainly, it goes without saying that we would love for there to be something more to come from Sylvester Stallone and the rest of the cast soon, but there are a lot of factors at play. First and foremost, you need a new showrunner. Also, you need to have a production timeline set. We tend to think that filming could start this summer and if that happens, we could get back into this world in either November or December. We just can’t sit here with all of our heart and tell you that this is 100% guaranteed. We’d be pretty reckless if we did!

What we do at least feel confident in right now is this: There will be a real push to get the show back on the streaming service soon thanks to that season 1 cliffhanger. Not only did Stallone’s character of Dwight find himself betrayed, but he was also put in a position where prison could be in his future. We don’t think you want to wait that long to pay this off and give people another reason to be excited for whatever the future could hold here.

Just remember this: The longer that you keep a show like Tulsa King off the air, the more you run the risk of losing momentum. For long-running shows, it is a little bit easier to have substantial breaks between seasons. For us personally, though, we do think there’s a lot of value in getting more episodes out there as soon as possible.

Once we hear that there’s a new showrunner on board and filming is kicking off, then we certainly think we’ll be in a much more comfortable spot.

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