The Last of Us season 2 spoilers: One character’s big journey

The Last of Us season 1As so many people out there are currently aware, The Last of Us season 2 is going to be coming to HBO down the road. It goes without saying, but of course we’re excited! Filming could start off later this year but unfortunately, it may be almost two years until we see the show back.

(Remember that nothing is confirmed at the moment, but we’d be shocked if the cast and crew come back before January 2025.)

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So what is coming up for some key players in this world — or, to be specific, Tommy? Gabriel Luna’s character has a rare distinction right now in that he was around the first season and actually survive. There are not a lot of people who made it through these past several episodes alive, but we do tend to think we could see a lot of Tommy and Maria both, given that Joel and Ellie are alive, and also need a place to go.

For a few more teases of what could be coming, here is some of what Luna had to say to Variety:

“Because I played the games back to back, it’s one story in my mind. I prepped for it in that way … You never want to assume you’re gonna get a Season 2, but considering it’s probably the biggest show in the world and they renewed us for Season 2, it’s probably good I have a head start thinking about it. The idea of everything that happens in ‘Part II’ was always ever-present in my mind. When working on the story we’ve told thus far, you gotta consider where you’re going with all the peaks and valleys. You don’t want play the end, but you certainly want to keep it in mind as you’re rolling forward and building the character. There’s a lot of peaks and there’s some deep, deep valleys. As much as Tommy is an evolved person, and he’s evolving, there’s certainly a de-evolution that happens in ‘Part II.’ Which is probably the extent I can say about it.”

As of right now, we’d just say to prepare for anything — even if you’ve played the games, there could also still be a surprise or two.

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What do you most want to see when it comes to Tommy’s story moving into The Last of Us season 2 on HBO?

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