YOU season 5 renewal feels inevitable thanks to viewership

YOU season 4While nothing may be altogether confirmed at the time of this writing when it comes to a YOU season 5 renewal at Netflix, there is one thing we can say with confidence: It is hard to imagine a scenario where the streaming service opts to not bring this show back.

After all, let’s just think for a moment about how the Penn Badgley drama has fared so far!

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According to The Hollywood Reporter, the first five episodes alone helped the fourth season dominate for the week of February 13, and that is long before the second part of the show premiered. This is another big sign that the demand for this show is very much there, and that people who are choosing to watch are doing so in a pretty quick manner.

There’s no denying to us that the story of YOU remains one of the more fascinating ones in all of TV. We are, after all, talking about a buzzy drama that originally began on cable, but really did not find a huge life for itself until it made it to Netflix. Since its debut there it has become nothing short of a runaway success, and we’re sure that the streamer loves that this is a drama that doesn’t have a 18-24 production cycle in the way that The Witcher or some other effects-heavy shows do. It can turn it around a little bit quicker, and we know that the producers concluded season 4 in a way that makes season 5 feel necessary.

If there is any bad news that we have to report here, it is the likelihood that season 5 is going to be the final one. We’d love for that to not be the case, but we get the sense that everyone involved here wants to end the show on more of a high note.

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Do you agree that a YOU season 5 renewal at Netflix feels pretty inevitable at this point?

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This article was written by Jessica BunBun.

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