Survivor 44 episode 4 promo: A Tribe Swap? Is someone hurt?

Survivor 44Last night CBS unveiled a first look promo for Survivor 44 episode 4, and there are a few different things we have to wonder about.

So where should we start off here? Well, a lot of it comes down to whether or not a major twist is coming into the game like a tribe swap. If you watch the promo slowly, it feels like you can see someone open a bag — it could be a big of puzzle pieces. Or, there could be a buff in there. This is a part of the game where something like this could happen — we could get two tribes of seven in theory!

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Of course, there is another theory that is out there based on the promo that we’ve heard some discussion about, and it comes down to the idea that someone could be getting hurt. After all, we do see a boat in the promo, which could be a sign of an unexpected evacuation. We’ll say already that we’re worried about Matthew, who got injured early on in the game trying to have a little too much fun at camp. He made a pretty big mistake in doing that, but he’s tried to play on. He even has an idol! We just know that leading into the season, there was a lot of talk about this one being grueling, and there also being more evacuations that could come along with that. We’ve already seen one, after all, at the very start of the show.

Right now, we just think there’s a chance for a lot of big stuff to happen — this is a good season with a strong cast, and we would say that there haven’t been too many weak links in the group. Let’s just hope that things stay this way.

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What do you think is going to happen moving into Survivor 44 episode 4 next week?

Let us know your thoughts and theories below! Once you do just that, remember to come back for some other updates down the road. (Photo: CBS.)

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