Survivor 44 episode 3: Claire Rafson voted out

Survivor 44Just from the first thirty minutes alone of Survivor 44 episode 3, it was clear that there was some glorious trainwreck potential.

After all, just consider some of what we saw here: Both Matt and Jaime found immunity idols; or, what they thought were immunity idols. They were fake. Danny’s ploy on Soka was especially effective, given that it also exposed to everyone that Matt “had it.” Danny actually has the one at Soka, whereas Matthew actually found the one at Ratu days before. (Clever editing on the show’s part here.)

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When Soka lost immunity, all sorts of drama broke loose across the camp. On paper, Matt and Frannie were the easy targets — they are an obvious duo / showmance, and he doesn’t have a vote! Maybe there were fears over his fake idol, since he was dropped soon in favor of Claire, who hasn’t competed in a challenge all season long.

Quick aside / beef with production: Make it so that someone can’t sit out a challenge two weeks in a row. Her sitting out every time is bad TV. Even Sandra, known for sitting out challenges, played a lot more than this!

Meanwhile, we also got a lot of story around Josh suddenly being a target, even though we know almost nothing about him as a player or participant in the game. What in the world has he really done to deserve being a target? Feels like a missed opportunity by the editors here.

What happened at the vote?

Claire was voted out, and it was a clear unanimous vote since she played the Shot in the Dark and with that, lost her vote. In terms of challenge strength, we more than understand the move. Yet, we also do think that producers are more to blame for her being able to sit out every time — we don’t fault her for what she thought was helping the tribe to win.

What did you think about the overall events of Survivor 44 episode 3?

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