Talking ABC’s ‘Splash,’ weird eliminations, and Katherine Webb

SplashWhat’s interesting about “Splash” is that despite being a celebrity diving competition, the show itself is in some ways not the complete and total train wreck that you would expect … at least when you watch it for a few minutes. The show does a good job of capturing the danger of some of the dives, the stories of the contestants, and even enough of the sport to make it seem realistic.

Then, you have the part that makes no sense: the judges. While diving is a pretty difficult sport for anyone to do (and an even harder one to judge), we have no idea how Louie Anderson received high scores for basically just falling from three stories high without much of anything else to the dive. He also has the interesting honor of going home twice, as he threw himself on his sword this week thanks to his desire to have soccer star Brandi Chastain have a real shot at winning the competition.

Six out of the eleven people taking part in the show are gone, and four of those people (Katherine Webb, Chuy Bravo, Louie, and Kendra Wilkinson) withdrew either due to injury or simply a lack of interest going forward. (Admittedly, Louie was only brought back because of Katherine’s injury.) What does this really tell us? That celebrity reality shows are not always what they are cracked up to be, and if they really force celebrities to go through hard times, they should probably not be put on the air. (This is why “Celebrity Survivor” would probably be a mistake.)

We’re not going to see a second season of “Splash” with the ratings it’s getting, and it’s a shame in the sense that this could have been cheesy fun in the same way of “Dancing with the Stars.” It started off well, but then belly-flopped the moment it hit the water.

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Photo: ABC

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