Survivor 44 episode 3 sneak peek: Dungeon Master Kane

Survivor 44

Just in case you needed another reason to be excited about Survivor 44 episode 3 on CBS, why not introduce you to a new side of Kane?

We’ll start off here by admitting that the sneak peeks for what lies ahead on the show are very-much different from what we expected, given that both of them are about antics and humor more than gameplay. Take, for example, what Kane is up to at the Ratu camp.

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We’ve come to know already that this guy is of the particularly-nerdy persuasion, but in one sneak preview (watch here), he notes that he’s very-much into fantasy worlds and is an avid Dungeons & Dragons player. This immediately gets Dungeon Master Kane about 200 additional points in our book. He’s also having a great time with the tribe immunity idol, which for whatever reason is a sword. (This is both totally random and kinda cool — we don’t mind it at all.)

As for the other sneak preview, this one brings you over to the Tika tribe, where we learn that Yam Yam is a prolific snorer and immediately becomes worried that people will want to get rid of him because of it. Everyone seems to be getting along after the previous visit to Tribal Council, and it’s nice that there is such a happy tribe! Yet, these previews sort of present a “calm before the storm” atmosphere, as you are reminded pretty quickly in here that these people can only be happy for so long. there is going to be a moment where everyone has to turn on each other, and you can only hope that they are all adequately prepared for when that moment actually arrives.

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