Fire Country season 1 episode 16: Is Jake the arsonist?

Fire Country season 1Following the events of Fire Country season 1 episode 16, we’re left with a pretty big question as to the arsonist — but do we know the truth?

If we are to judge things based solely on the final minutes of what we saw tonight, then it would be easy to declare that Jake is the arsonist. However, is it really so simple? We’re just not sure that everything lines up here. This is, at least from our vantage point, why this is the cliffhanger. It gives the writers a chance to examine things from all angles when the show comes back! It also gives us plenty of time to come up with some theories, as well.

Of course, the big reason why we have a hard time buying this is just because of the time that we’ve spent with the guy so far. Maybe we’re supposed to be in denial over it, given that some characters on the show would be feeling the same way.

Is there an alternative here to Jake being responsible? We know that one of the main theories floating around out there right now is that Collin is responsible, and that what we are seeing at the moment is the result of a frame job … which does seem plausible. We tend to think that shows like this are never going to move in that straight a line, and what this would do is open the door and enable Jake as a character to have a great and much-deserved moment to shine. We’d be excited about that, much as we’re going to be excited (hopefully) for whatever is planned in the final stretch.

It’s crazy to think, but there are only a handful of episodes left until we are done for the season. It’s a relief to know that the show has already been renewed, no?

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