Yellowstone season 5 episode 9 return date: News before spring?

Yellowstone season 5 episode 1Is there any chance at all that we could get some Yellowstone season 5 episode 9 return date news over the course of the spring?

Let’s go ahead and start off here by making one thing abundantly clear: It would obviously be great to have it! So far, we’ve been left in the dark a good bit when it comes to contemplating what the future could hold for the Kevin Costner series, really ever since some news first came out suggesting that there were problems with his alleged availability. Since that time, almost everything else has been been quiet … and it, of course, remains difficult to say when that is going to change.

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To say that we are going to get some more news before the start of the spring, though, would most likely be overly optimistic. Discussions about scheduling can often take an extended amount of time, and we do think it makes more sense to announce something when all parties are sure that the production can move forward. We are sure that we will get some sort of news before the summer (when the series was originally set to premiere), but learning more before then feels at the moment to be overly optimistic.

The thing that we are the most optimistic about right now is merely what we’ve heard from the past over the past month, who do feel like eventually, things will work out. If they think at least part of this controversy is overblown, we are willing to listen to them. What we are hoping for at the moment is that there will be an opportunity to see Yellowstone back with something more when we get around to the fall. That’s our realistic expectation.

Our ideal one? Let’s just say it is a little bit earlier than that, if that is not obvious already.

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Do you think we will get more news on Yellowstone season 5 episode 9 before the spring?

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