The Blacklist season 10: A debate on Reddington’s identity

The Blacklist season 10 artWe may only be a couple of episodes into The Blacklist season 10, but this isn’t stopping us from looking far ahead!

After all, we recognize that there is one prevailing mystery that is more important than any other out there: Who exactly is Raymond Reddington? It’s a question that the show is clearly not in some sort of rush to answer, even though we’d love to get at least a little more insight on it before the series finale ends.

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Here’s where things start to get interesting — there may be a debate behind the scenes right now as to whether or not to tell viewers the full story. Here is what showrunner John Eisendrath had to say recently to TVLine:

“Here’s my answer: If it’s up to me, you will know exactly who he is … If you don’t know in the end, you’ll know that someone else overruled me.”

There are a couple of immediate reactions that we have to this, and the first is just us wondering who in the world would want to overrule him on this. Why does anyone want to conceal it? This is one of the biggest reasons, after all, why viewers are watching! We know that there are some out there who claim that the end of season 8 is proof somehow that Reddington is the real Katarina Rostova, but we’ve always balked at that idea as definitive. There may be some evidence, but there is also some evidence to the contrary, especially from earlier seasons. Our favorite idea instead is that the real Katarina is still out there, living a quiet and happy live; meanwhile, this Reddington could be a sibling or someone else who feels the necessity to protect.

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Do you think we are going to learn Reddington’s identity before The Blacklist season 10 ends?

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