The Blacklist season 10: Another James Spader possibility?

The Blacklist season 10 artAre we actually about to have a chance to see James Spader discussing The Blacklist season 10 in a new interview? Hope springs eternal…

Forgive us for taking a somewhat-cynical approach to the subject at the moment, as it has a good bit to do with what we’ve been stuck dealing with as of late. Do we need to remind you that his appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon was pulled at the last minute for a chat with Travis Kelce? It was annoying, and we don’t mean that as any insult to Kelce, who was actually pretty great on Saturday Night Live. We just don’t like the lack of big-time press for season 10, and Spader does not typically give many interviews in the first place.

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Well, here is the good news — for now, he is scheduled to appear on Tuesday, March 14. The reason to have hope for this appearance is that he is actually noted here as the lead guest, and we have seen some great chats with Spader and Seth in the past. Also, the situation that happened with The Tonight Show is fairly uncommon, so our cynicism aside, we do think this chat will actually air. It is in promotion of the 200th episode, so we anticipate a lot of reflection on the show so far and what the experience has been like playing Raymond Reddington.

We do tend to think there’s a chance that we could see another Spader interview promoting the end of the show … whenever that could be. While NBC has yet to confirm anything, there is a chance that the show gets split into halves and that the second part of it airs when we get around to the fall. Much of it could depend on a writers’ strike that involves some other shows.

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