Survivor 44 episode 2 sneak peek: Matthew’s secret plan

Survivor 44

As we head into Survivor 44 episode 2 on CBS tomorrow night, of course there are a lot of unanswered questions about this past Tribal Council.

To be specific, let’s think in terms of this: Why did Matthew play his Shot in the Dark when on paper, there was very little reason to do so? As it turns out, he was thinking further ahead than anyone could guess.

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If you head over to the link here, you can see via some sneak peeks for the episode that he was simply trying to not show his hand to anyone at this point in the game. He could sell it based on paranoia after Jaime used hers, and ironically became the first person to ever successfully play it without even needing it. Brandon used his immunity idol and within that, earned safety while Maddy became the first person voted out of the game.

Now, Matthew can still seemingly work with Brandon and everyone else without too much of an issue. The only one he has is simply that he hurt himself while exploring and could be more of a challenge liability because of it.

What’s also interesting to note here is that Lauren now is owning up to having an extra vote, which could be a good way to give herself the illusion of numbers in such a small tribe. We’ll have to wait and see if that backfires.

As for life on another camp…

Over at Soka, we have a chance to learn a little more about Matt, who is being set up to be one of the most endearing players this season. He has come out of a recent long-term relationship and he makes it clear that he’s still carrying that into the game — including missing a dog that his ex kept after the split. Yet, he is finding a new connection in Frannie, and of course we wonder if this could be a long-lasting both that is both strategic and personal.

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What do you think we are going to see happen over the course of Survivor 44 episode 2 on CBS?

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