Survivor 44 episode 2 preview: Advantage tracker

Survivor 44As you prepare yourselves to see Survivor 44 episode 2 on CBS this coming Wednesday, do you want more news all about it? Well, what we want to do entering this episode (and at other various points in the season) is really take stock in the advantages / idols that are out there. After all, it can get confusing with so much in play!

One thing we should go ahead and note, at least at the moment, is that there are no active idols in the game. Brandon had one, but he used it and thankfully so, for his sake. The other Birdcage Idols (as we like to call them) are still out there. We do personally like this! It’s a way to stir up a lot of paranoia if people know there is an idol that has been found, but nobody knows who has it.

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Now, let’s move into the active advantages…

Inheritance Advantage – This is something that Sarah still has in her possession at Tika, and she can use it at a Tribal Council to inherit things that are played. This could be a really powerful tool depending on when you use it, but it’s also a risk — if you hold onto it for too long, you run the risk of not getting anything!

Bank Your Vote Advantage – Lauren banked her extra vote at this past Tribal Council, which means that moving forward she’s got something extra at her disposal. This puts her in a position of power at Ratu moving forward, given that she could control 1/3 of the total vote herself and needs just one other person to force a tie. It’s also advantageous that nobody actually knows what she has, so she can move with a certain degree of secrecy.

While Matt does not have an advantage, he has lost his vote for a couple of Tribal Councils and that could be a situation to monitor … at least he has a possible showmance with Frannie to make him feel better?

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Who are you rooting for as we prepare for Survivor 44 episode 2 on CBS?

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