Survivor 44 episode 2 preview: Matt & Frannie showmance ahead?

Survivor 44Following the big premiere tonight on CBS, do you want to get a better sense of what’s ahead on Survivor 44 episode 2?

The first thing that we have to say here is fairly simple, and it’s that we totally love the idea of a showmance between Matt and Frannie — and we say that as someone who hates them typically. This is just such an unexpected pairing and really, that’s not something we get in the game all that much!

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Of course, there is a clear problem with the two of them coupling up, as well — they put a huge target on their backs and they have to be prepared for the consequences of that … and we’re pretty sure that there will be some. After all, why wouldn’t there be based on what we’ve seen in the game in the past? They can try to keep it low-key, but that may not work.

The other issue that Matt may be facing right now is simple in its own way: He has to figure out precisely how to proceed without having a vote for a couple of Tribal Councils. We 100% understand the idea of going for power and an advantage, but these are the consequences.

In general…

Is anyone else really enjoying what we’re getting so far, one episode in? What we appreciate the most right now is simply that there are a lot of people who do seem to be playing the game, even if they’re not playing it altogether well? It also feels like there are more quirky characters and less of some of the overly-familiar archetypes that we have seen play out over the course of time. That is very much appreciated.

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What do you think is going to happen as we move into Survivor 44 episode 2?

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