Severance season 2 premiere date: How many months away?

Severance season 1Isn’t it nice to know that Severance season 2 is coming to Apple TV+ at some point in the months ahead? We tend to think so, but we are also still very-much aware that it is pretty far down the road at this point.

Ultimately, the prevailing question we have to wonder is this: How long are the powers-that-be going to keep us waiting? We anticipate the break will be painful, but to watch extent are we talking about here?

For those wanting to think about the remaining hiatus in terms of months, we’re probably still five or six, at least, from seeing Adam Scott and the rest of the cast back. As for the reason why, it is due to a handful of different factors. First of all, there’s the issue of the show still being in production for at least the next two months. Its schedule from October to May has actually been known for a long time now!

Then, of course there’s the post-production period required to get all of the episodes edited. On the other side of that, you still have another issue here in that you have to wait and see what Apple TV+ wants to do in regards to the future. They still have final say on when the show is back, even though that can admittedly be pretty darn frustrating at times.

For now, just rest assured that there is more work getting done, and absolutely we’re excited for whatever the future will hold from this innie / outie world. The only big challenge when it comes to season 2 is meeting the massive hype that was created by the incredible success of season 1. Following up something like that is not easy, but we’ve gotten a good sense that the next batch of episodes is looking to only expand what has worked so far.

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How many months do you think we are right now from Severance season 2?

Be sure to let us know right now in the comments! Once you do just that, remember to come back for some additional updates. (Photo: Apple TV+.)

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