Snowfall season 6 episode 4 promo: Does Teddy want out?

Snowfall season 6For those out there who have not heard as of yet, Snowfall season 6 episode 4 is coming to FX next week, and this is where everything could escalate further.

At this point, a point of the pieces on the metaphorical chessboard are set. Franklin Saint wants to do everything that he can to get revenge on Teddy and get his money back, but it is not going to come easily. Based on the promo that we saw already for the next episode, for example, he will be working overtime to target some of the people he is interpreting to be either threats or traitors. He thinks he also has a plan to get back some money, but will he really be successful in doing that?

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Beyond Franklin’s story in this episode, there is also another big question we’re left to think about here — whether or not Teddy even sticks around for the final battle. One of the things that we could be seeing with this character moving forward is a real panic once the going gets really tough. He already knows a little bit about the KGB, and the more that he sees the pressure he’s under, the more he could try and run. We just don’t think he’s going to get anywhere.

While there are a lot of things within the Snowfall universe we’re uncertain about, we do have a hard time imagining that Teddy is going to make it out of this story alive. What would be the case for him actually surviving, after everything that he has done? He’s taken on a mission to “help” America that in reality, has only harmed its people to a dramatic degree.

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What is it that you most want to see as we get prepared for Snowfall season 6 episode 4 over on FX?

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This article was written by Jessica BunBun.

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