Criminal Minds: Evolution season 1 finale: What is Gold Star?

Criminal Minds: Evolution season 1As we try and reflect on the shocking Criminal Minds: Evolution season 1 finale on Paramount+, we have to discuss Gold Star. How can we not? The end of episode 10 raises a lot of questions about this mysterious organization, especially when it comes to knowledge that one Elias Voit has about it.

So what exactly is this group, and how does it play into the future of the series? There are at least a few things worth diving more into here…

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First and foremost, let’s start by noting that Gold Star clearly has some government ties, given that the AG, Bailey, and then also Rebecca seem to have some awareness of it. However, so does Voit! It’s one of the reasons why Bailey tried to speak with Elias independently (RIP Bailey), and it’s also seemingly why someone is coming in to talk with Voit alone, with security outside, following his capture.

The easy theory to conjure up here with Gold Star is that this is some sort of super-secret government organization that for whatever reason, Elias has found out about. It could be tied to what he used to build his network, or he knows a couple of other people out there in it. It could be a failed experiment, and the sort of thing the government is super-concerned about being exposed if Voit ever goes on the witness stand. It is one of the reasons we wouldn’t be shocked if he is mysteriously killed prior to going on trial.

No matter what it is, this does feel like a compelling and very-different sort of mystery that we could see play out in season 2 — and we’re already excited that there is a foundation set for it already!

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What do you think we are going to learn about Gold Star moving into Criminal Minds: Evolution season 2?

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This article was written by Jessica BunBun.

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