The Last of Us season 1 episode 5 preview: Kathleen and chaos

The Last of Us season 1

As you prepare yourselves to see The Last of Us season 1 episode 5 on HBO next week, do you want to know more about it? Well, there is a lot to prepare for here!

We know moving into this upcoming episode that we are going to remain fairly rooted in Kansas City, which was also the setting for the end of episode 4. Melanie Lynskey will be sticking around as Kathleen, which makes us pretty excited to have a notable guest for this long. (Granted, most of the supported characters in this show don’t live all that long, and Kathleen is not even a character in the video games.)

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It does feel pretty fair to say at this point that Kathleen is an adversarial character and moving forward, she could start to get all the more unhinged. We’d say to go ahead and prepare for more violence to erupt throughout the city as the infected show up and continue to make their presence felt.

Will Joel and Ellie survive their time in the city? That feels still like a sure thing, but there are questions about what their presence there will do to their psyche. This is not an easy place to be. In general, nothing about their journey is going to be easy. Kansas City is not altogether close to Wyoming, and there are Clickers and all sorts of other terrible things out there in the world.

What makes The Last of Us compelling is that in some ways, this story is so simple — it is two people traveling out west. Yet, there are so many layers to them and the world that extends around them. That’s what makes this show different than almost anything else out there, and we know there’s a lot to celebrate here in general.

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What are you excited to see when The Last of Us season 1 episode 5 arrives on HBO?

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