1923 season 1 episode 6 spoilers: Resolving the cliffhagner?

1923 season 1As we get ourselves prepared for 1923 season 1 episode 6 over on Paramount+, one thing is clear: There is clearly a lot we should prepare ourselves for!

At the end of episode 5, the Taylor Sheridan series proved yet again that it can create a cliffhanger with the best of them. How else would you describe what we ended up getting here? The lives of both Spencer and Alex are now in danger after that boat accident, and we have to wait and see if they can be rescued … or if they rescue themselves.

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Odds are, Sheridan is well aware of the intrigue that this story could provide and with that, he also will have no real reason to slow-play it. If the aftermath of this is not in the opening minutes of episode 6, we would be shocked! This is the perfect opportunity to keep people engaged and/or guessing what the next move will be for them.

If you haven’t read some other articles on episode 5, here’s what we currently think could happen: Spencer could survive, and there is at least a chance that Alex does not make it. With the lines from episode 5 about the Duttons already being a dying breed, we have a hard time imagining that Spencer is going to be plucked out, as well. Also, if we start to lose more of this family within the world of 1923, it will become unrealistic that they survive until the John Dutton empire in Yellowstone. Remember that this show does, at least in some shape or form, loom through everything else we have a chance to see.

It is true that this franchise has no problem killing people — just as John Sr. about that…

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