Bridgerton season 3 premiere date: Another Christmas release?

Bridgerton Penelope season 2As we continue to look ahead towards Bridgerton season 3, why not have a conversation about Christmas?

Or, let’s get a little bit more specific now. What are the chances that we end up seeing the long-awaited third season of this show air on Christmas Day? We know that a lot of major networks would scoff at such an idea, but this is where we remind you that Netflix is not some other network. As a matter of fact, they’ve got a history of doing this sort of thing already. This is where they premiered the first season of Bridgerton! It’s hard to be shocked by the notion that they would do something like this all over again now.

There is, of course, a little bit of appeal that innately comes from airing a season on the holiday. You know that a lot of viewers are going to be home, and there also won’t be that much competition. Just remember that while Christmas television is an essential part of life in some countries (see Great Britain), it’s really not that big of a thing in the United States. That is, except for the occasional big Netflix release.

Beyond all of the obvious appeal here, there is another reason why this could work for season 3: Netflix already has another show in the Bridgerton universe coming in the Queen Charlotte prequel, and we tend to have a sinking suspicion that more than likely, they will not want these two shows airing altogether close to one another. If they can create some distance, that inevitably works better when it comes to retaining subscribers.

Obviously, Netflix does not have to figure out a precise season 3 premiere date for some time, but let’s make one thing clear — they are almost certainly thinking about this already! It would be rather bizarre if they weren’t.

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Do you think we could get a Bridgerton season 3 premiere at some point this Christmas?

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This article was written by Jessica BunBun.

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