Is Brandon Sklenar, Julia Schlaepfer leaving 1923 during season 1?

1923 season 1Is Julia Schlaepfer leaving 1923 following the new episode this weekend? What about Brandon Sklenar? After what we saw at the end of episode 5, it is more than fair to worry about both Spencer and Alexandra.

After all, isn’t it possible that both of them are now drowning in the middle of the ocean? We’re not trying to being overly dark or macabre, but this was the situation set up at the end of this episode! The two were on a tugboat as a part of a larger journey, only for the one crew member to die midway through. This ending could be similar to the one revolving around Harrison Ford’s Jacob Dutton, where he ends up being alive following some temporary panic. Or, this could be more akin to what happened with John Dutton Sr. a little bit earlier this season.

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When it comes to Sklenar and Schlaepfer’s specific status, here is what we can say for now: Neither one of them have been 100% confirmed to be leaving the show. Because of this, there is absolutely still hope that Spencer and Alex will survive! This is just a show that thrives by and larger off of jeopardy, and putting characters in situations where you think that nobody is going to survive. The story could be better for it; if nothing else, what Taylor Sheridan is trying to do here is show further how difficult a journey that the two are on.

We do think it is possible that Alex dies as a result of what happened, but there was already a line said early on in episode 5 about the population of Duttons in Montana being fairly small. Because of that, we don’t tend to think that there’s going to be a situation where Spencer heads off into the great unknown. Clearly, they want us to worry … but that may be all that we’re being forced to do for the time being.

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What did you think about the events of 1923 season 1 episode 5 overall?

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