Yellowstone season 5 episode 9 return date: The possible schedule

Yellowstone season 5 episode 1What is the plan going to be for Yellowstone season 5 episode 9? Let’s just say that the Paramount Network is likely thinking this over already. They would be silly not to!

After all, go ahead and remember, first and foremost, that we are talking here about their most-popular show. This is one of the biggest series on all of cable, in fact! If there’s any one program the powers-that-be are going to put their all into, it has to be this one.

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Now, we’ve already noted that season 5 is going to return when we get around to the summer, and we don’t get the sense that anyone wants to deviate from that. It means waiting until late June or July, most likely, but that gives the producers time to get everything prepared.

We know that because of the 14-episode order for this season, there are still six to go before we are stuck with another huge hiatus. We’d be surprised if Paramount did give us another two-episode premiere just because the upcoming batch of stories is so small. If we had to make a bold prediction, it is that we’ll see the series air weekly through the month of July, and then wrap up at some point in mid-August. That allows the show to be done long before the NFL season and the ratings competition that tends to come along with that.

If there’s one more thing to wonder now, it’s simply this: What sort of break could we see between season 5 and season 6, which technically hasn’t been renewed as of yet? We’re hopeful that more stories are coming, but don’t be shocked if we are waiting until 2024 to see them. A lot could depend heavily on when the cast and crew are able to get back together.

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What do you think that the full Yellowstone season 5 schedule could be after the show returns?

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