1923 season 1 episode 5 return date: Any other hiatuses ahead?

1923 season 1

As we get ourselves prepared to see 1923 season 1 episode 5 on Paramount+, it’s safe to wonder about the long-term future. When the show comes back, are we really at the end of the road when it comes to some of the breaks? We certainly know that a lot of people right now are 100% ready for that to be the case.

Well, let’s start off here with a reminder that the Yellowstone prequel is going to be arriving when we get around to February 5. That’s the conclusion of this current hiatus … and hopefully also the final one.

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The truth here when it comes to streaming services is that sometimes, we do see a lot of changes made at the last minute and we have to expect something similar. There is always a chance that there are some other breaks but for now, it doesn’t seem as though that is in the cards. We tend to think the reason for the extended break now is to ensure we don’t have any others to deal with for the rest of this season.

Could we see another schedule like this for season 2?

Honestly, don’t be surprised if that happens — while it is nice to get all of the episodes in consecutive weeks, structuring it this way does get the show out there faster — and, of course, it does also mean that viewers are going to be subscribed for a longer period of time. We can’t just sit here and pretend that finances are not important for a show like this, which cost and extremely large amount of money to produce. We can’t say that this was the main reason behind the hiatus this time around, though; we tend to think Paramount+ just pushed for a premiere as early as possible to capitalize on Yellowstone coming on the air at the same time.

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