‘Bones’ season 8, episode 19 preview: First look at ‘The Doom in the Gloom’

BonesAre we finally going to be seeing Sweets move out of Booth and Brennan’s apartment on “Bones”? The funny thing is that this was originally intended to be a story that only lasted a short amount of time, but the sheer entertainment value of it has caused the storyline to stick around.

However, it looks as though “The Doom in the Gloom” airing on Monday night could bring about some sort of change … though both Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz’s characters are understandably still skeptical about whether or not he is really going to out the door. In addition to this, the mystery for the week will also involve something that has become a hot topic of conversation as of late: doomsday preppers!

Check out the full synopsis for the hour below:

“When the Jeffersonian team investigates the death of a former Marine sergeant whose remains were found burned to a crisp, they discover that she was discharged after a fist fight with another Marine. When Booth and Sweets go to question the other Marine involved in the altercation, they learn that Deanna was obsessed with the idea of the apocalypse, which leads the team to a following of doomsday preppers who become key suspects in her death. Meanwhile, Sweets thinks he has landed his dream apartment but Brennan and Booth are not convinced that he will actually move out in the all-new ‘The Doom in the Gloom’ episode of BONES airing Monday, March 18th on FOX.”

What do you think about the idea behind this message, and do you think we will see Sweets really move out? If you want to see some more scoop pertaining to a possible wedding on “Bones” this season, you can do so over at the link here.

Photo: Fox

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